Rodel4u Risk Mitigation & Policy Education

Risk management program


Through the online Media platform, Rodel is striving to educate policyholders and creating risk awareness.


Life can be risky, be it theft, fire, natural disasters or more…. and failing to put risk management programs in lace could result in injury or worse.

Even if the potential losses are less dire, everyone can benefit from an effective risk management program and by choosing to manage risks, you can help your business to perform better.

At Rodel we are aware of the need and benefits of putting risk management programs in place and we want to give your clients access to the Rodel4U Risk Mitigation and policy education program.

Our Risk mitigation Solutions, are driven by weekly Blogs, posts, SMS’s and newsletters, which are pre-approved and covers topics ranging from, “How to submit a claim” and “how to prevent unforeseen losses”.